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                 → 電線電纜 Wire and Cable
                 → 電纜橋架 Cable tray
                 → 配電櫃 Distribution Cabinet
                 → 電線管 Conduit
                 → 成品支架 Finished bracket
                 → 抗震支架 Anti-vibration bracket
                 → 電氣輔材 Electrical accessories

                    起帆〓焊管廠成立於2005年,隸屬上海江帆建築裝飾材料有限公司↘,廠區座〇落在風景優美的上海松江泗涇鎮工業園區←產品。公司專業制造KBG電線管、JDG電線管、BS英標電線管、KJG電線管、大棚真话么焊接鋼管等產品。公ξ 司先後通過ISO9000/14001體系認證,產品通過中國上海測試中心權威檢測機構各項檢測,並榮獲裝飾行↘業協會、電氣行几yù疯狂業協會、建築行業協會Ψ 等權威機構頒發的多項榮此刻譽證書。
                Qifan welded pipe plant was established in 2005, under the Shanghai Jiang Fan Building Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., the factory is located in the scenic Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park, Si Jing products. Company specializes in manufacturing KBG wire tube, JDG wire tube, BS British standard wire tube, KJG wire tube, welded steel pipe and other products. The company has passed ISO9000 / 14001 system certification, product testing center in Shanghai, China through the authority of the testing organizations and testing, and won the decoration industry associations, electrical industry associations, construction industry associations and other authoritative bodies issued a number of honorary certificates.
                    起帆電纜廠成立於1994年,隸屬上海起帆電纜股份有限公司,現年產值已超50億元的大型規模企業。 主要產品有:高低壓修为立刻发生了突变電力電纜、橡套電纜、控制電纜、架空絕緣〖電纜、塑膠電纜、電子計算機電纜、通訊電纜、礦用電纜及各種阻燃、耐火、防水、低煙無鹵環保等特種電纜。企業榮獲“上海↑市著名商標”、“院士專家自己为什么要害怕工作站”’“國家重點新產品”“創新型企業”、“高新技術企◆業”、“全國質量檢驗穩定合格產品”等多項殊榮。
                Qifan cable factory was established in 1994, under the Shanghai Cable Co., Ltd. from the fan, the annual output value has exceeded 5 billion yuan of large-scale enterprises. The main products are: high and low voltage power cables, rubber cables, control cables, overhead insulated cables, plastic cables, computer cables, communication cables, mining cables and various fire-retardant, fire, water, cable. The company has won many honors such as "Shanghai Famous Trademark", "Academician Expert Workstation", "National Key New Product", "Innovative Enterprise", "High-tech Enterprise" and "National Quality Inspection Stable and Qualified Product".
                Qifan electrical plant under the Shanghai Jiang Fan Building Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiang Industrial Development Co., Ltd. as. The company mainly produces high and low voltage distribution box, cable tray, busway and bracket hanging system, the company also with the domestic and international famous electrical manufacturers Siemens, Schneider, ABB, TCL and other long-term cooperation to provide customers with safe and quality solutions. Qifan Electric is committed to technological innovation, model innovation, to promote China's green and sustainable development and make unremitting efforts!


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